Tips to avoid Heatstroke in pets

Keep your pets safe in hot weather
Tips and tricks to avoid heatstroke


We are committed to providing a high level of vet care to our patients and also their owners.

Based in Wordsley, Stourbridge West Midlands, we are an independent veterinary practice with a team of friendly approachable staff, dedicated to looking after the animals in our care. We offer complete health care for your pets, including vaccinations, parasite control & weight management.


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Consultations are by appointment only, please call the surgery on 01384 372849 to book.

Emergency out of hours Vet Service – call Vets Now on 0121 422 7268

VetsNow, PDSA Clinic
St. Matthews Road, Birmingham B68 8AB

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🦷 Cats teeth are highly evolved to allow them to hunt and catch prey, defend themselves in a fight, chew food and groom themselves.🦷 Kittens have 26 milk teeth which are replaced by 30 adult teeth at around 6 months of age.🦷 Cats are very good at hiding problems which can cause dental disease to go unnoticed. 🦷 There are a few things you can do at home make dental care a regular part of your feline friends healthcare routine and help to pick up any concerns sooner rather than later.🦷 Brushing their teeth regularly is a great way of helping to prevent the onset of dental diseases.🦷 Regular checks of their mouth looking for ulcers, inflamed gums and a bad smell.🦷 Using dental products specific for cats🦷 If you are concerned about your feline friends dental hygiene call Powis & Partners on 01384 372849.For more tips and information #catteeth #catteethbrushing ... See MoreSee Less
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💖💖 Say hi to the gorgeous little Angus. Angus had to undergo dental treatment last week which was carried out by our lovely vet Svidna. 💖💖🐾 Angus had several teeth removed and the remainder scaled and polished. 🐾 During the dental treatment all teeth are graded on a chart and any missing or removed teeth are also noted. This information can be used to help assess any future problems.🐾 A nurse closely monitored Angus's vitals and the Anaesthetic during the treatment to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.🐾 Svidna managed to get some last minute cuddles in with Angus before he went home 🐾💖🐾 If you are concerned about your furry friends teeth, call Powis & Partners on 01384 372849 for a check up. ... See MoreSee Less
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Let's see some cuties 🐾🐶🐕🐍🐰🐱🐓 ... See MoreSee Less
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