Here at PowisVets, as part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best care for you and your pets, we are proud to announce the launch of Podgy Pets.

Podgy Pets Stourbridge PowisVets
Pet obesity is a growing problem for our pets and we are seeing more and more problems caused by this. Podgy Pets aims to address conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, other joint problems, heart and respiratory problems. All of these conditions can all be easily avoided by keeping our pets nice and slim.

We would like to help you all get your pets back into shape and keep them that way.


By signing up to Podgy Pets, for a one-off fee of £25.30, you and your pet will benefit from the following;

  • A 30 minute consultation to include lots of advice on diet and nutrition and how to set weight loss targets.
  • We check the weight and measurements of your pet.
  • A ‘before’ photograph and details of how to sign into our online weight tracker.
  • 1.5kg bag of Royal Canin Satiety food
  • A set of scales to ensure you are feeding the correct amount
  • A voucher to give you money off your next bag of food
  • A free bag of Royal Canin Low Fat treats (Dogs only)


Once you and your pet have had your initial consultation, we will re-weigh in 2 weeks and after that every month. During these visits, we can help with any problems you are encountering.

When your pet reaches their target weight, you will receive another money off voucher. You will also get the chance of fame, by showing off you and your pet’s success and achievement on our website and Facebook page!

If you would like any further information about Podgy Pets, please email us here.