Providing vet care in Wordsley, Stourbridge for over 40 years

PowisVets Veterinary practice has been based in the Amblecote / Wordsley area of Stourbridge for over 40 years and cares for pets in Brierley Hill and the wider West Midlands area. Today it is run by partners Pippa Adams and Saul Ing.


We are proud to provide the whole community with fair and trusted veterinary care. We offer a kind and professional service for the health and wellbeing of our patients. We listen to our clients’ needs and aim to make a difference in our community through understanding and supporting the bond they have with their pets. We work with integrity and constantly strive to improve ourselves and the services we deliver.

Our Values


Kind. Empathetic. Aware

Compassion is fundamental to why our practice came into being and it is our priority in all that we do with our patients. We know that our pets are precious and part of the family. With all the pleasure that they bring to our lives, we know that there can be anxious times along the way. We’re here to understand and reassure, while providing quality care to your pet.

We have a team of experienced professionals that are essential to us in offering the best of care whenever it is needed. We work with integrity and constantly strive to improve ourselves and the services we deliver.

Powis Vets Cats Dogs Pets

‘Proud to care for your pets’

Powis Vets Caring for your Pets


Reliable. Mindful. Fair.

We are proud of our practice and the work that we do. Our first priority is the health and welfare of our patients but we know that our pets are part of the community beyond what we see in the clinic each day. Our community is important to us and we are passionate about supporting initiatives in our local area while doing our bit to help promote happy and healthy lives for all our pets.

We understand that there can be many pressures on pet owners and we are committed to ensuring that pet healthcare is accessible and that our pricing is clear, honest and fairly reflects the cost of treatment.


Committed. Ambitious. Adaptable.

We have a passion to deliver the best quality care and we strive to continually improve our knowledge and the services we offer in the rapidly advancing world of pet healthcare.

We are open and consistent with everything we do and we aim to ensure that clients are fully engaged on their pet’s journey with us.

A dedicated team

Proud to care for your pets.

Our vets all undertake courses in continuing professional development which encourage them to follow areas of special interest and provide our clients with the best possible service.

The veterinary nurses play a vital role at our vets practice and give invaluable assistance to our veterinary surgeons. As well as assisting during consultations and operations they are involved with the day to day running of the surgery. We are an approved training practice for veterinary nurses.

Our veterinary nurses also provide a nurse clinic where they can offer advice about worming, flea treatment, behaviour, feeding and weight management and also clip nails. Our nurses can also help you with learning how to give medicines.

Our support staff are also vital to the running of the practice. They are trained within the practice and also attend courses and lectures outside of the practice.