Here at PowisVets we understand the importance of doing what we can to help the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We Work together as a team to make small daily changes so we as a Veterinary Practice have a positive impact upon the environment around us.

The Positive changes we have made so far since moving into our new building include:

  • LED lighting throughout
  • Sensor lighting, automatically turns off when the room is empty. 
  • Turning lights off in the rooms which do not have the sensors and are not in use.
  • Turn appliances off when not in use.
  • Segregate waste and implemented a waste audit to see where we can improve and reduce waste.
  • Responsible Anti-biotic prescribing.
  • Introduced a suggestion board for staff members to have their say and put forward ideas.
  • Responsible use of anesthetic gases and correct usage of scavange, regular servicing is carried out to ensure efficiency of the equipment as well as staff training to ensure correct use.

We work together as a team to ensure we not only provide the best care to our patients and their owners but also to the environment around us and constantly strive to make positive improvements by working together and sharing ideas.